Aims & Objectives

Shin Gi Ruh has 5 main aims and objectives
related to sport and young people

  1. To promote the 2000 year old martial art, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) as a sport.
  2. To provide young people and adults, especially from disadvantaged backgrounds, with the opportunity to gain and enjoy the benefits of Muay Thai, including arts of self-defence, self-discipline and health and fitness.
  3. To provide young people with a range of other recreational activities for their leisure and positive self-development.
  4. To promote understanding and respect between young people and adults from all different backgrounds, locally, regionally and nationally.
  5. To provide additional facilities and opportunities for young people in some of the most deprived wards in Blackburn, East Lancashire.


At Shin Gi Ruh we also promote excellence in the sport and over the years we have been delighted to celebrate some notable successes. Among others, we can boast:

  • The 7 year old British champion
  • Regional champions
  • Shin Gi Ruh team selected to represent England in the 2007
  • Muay Thai World Championships in Thailand
  • Numerous fighter and bouts of the day in competitions
  • 30 plus members regularly competing in regional and national competitions


 Fully Accredited -
 Muay Thai Boxing Club 

Shin Gi Ruh is a 'not-for-profit' organisation and has been a company limited by guarantee since 2006. It is run by a fully dedicated management committee, supported by 10 adult volunteers. It is a fully accredited Muay Thai boxing club, recognised by th enational and international governing bodies.
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Club Facilities

 Location & Facilities 

Located in the heart of the community in inner Blackburn on Whalley Range Business Park. We operate from a fully equipped, 3,000 sq.ft. martial arts gymnasium. This location provides a safe environment for all club members and visitors with free car parking. Facilities include:
1 boxing ring
Extensive supply of protective equipment
Boxing bags
A large training mat area
Fitness equipment, including cycling machines


 Funding & DONATIONS 

We run the club and our activities substantially by much-appreciated membership subscriptions. This is enhanced by occasional donations and small grant-funded activities. We would welcome further sponsorship to support and develop our work so that we can enhance what we offer our members.